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Automatic Car Wash Systems (Rollovers)

Automatics (In-Bay Automatics), or Rollovers to which they are often referred, can be found primarily in the following locations: Retail C-Store/Petroleum sites, Self-Serve/Automatic sites, and Stand-Alone Automatic sites. Automatic models can be friction, touch-free, or a combination of both cleaning methods. The common characteristic of these models is that the vehicle remains stationary in the wash bay while the automatic "rolls-over" the customer's car. The primary service offered with these machines is an exterior wash with throughput (the numbers of vehicles that can be washed) typically averaging 10 to 15 cars per hour. Customers generally pay for their services through an automated Pay Station (Autocashier) located at the entrance to the wash bay. These types of washes make up approximately 40% of the U.S. car wash market.

Friction Automatic Car Wash

This type of machine uses a variety of wash materials (cloth, closed-cell, foam, or a combination) to clean a vehicle. The wash material's contact with the vehicle surface agitates and loosens the soils and contaminants wtih a final rinse completing the cleaning process. Car Wash Solutions uses only the finest friction automatic car wash equipment, the Mark VII SoftWash.

Hybrid Automatic Car Wash

The hybrid automatic machine uses a combination of both the touch-free automatic (rollover) car wash and the friction automatic (rollover) car wash cleaning processes. Generally speaking, the friction portion is most effective on the large surface areas of a vehicle while the touch-free portion of the wash process enhances rinsing and the cleaning of the smaller, harder to reach areas of the car.

Touch-Free Automatic Car Wash

The touch-free automatic (rollover) car wash machine washes vehicles using high-pressure water and car wash detergents to remove the various dirt and grime found on the surface of the customer's car. Touch-Free Automatics are dependent on a proper combination of car wash chemicals, dwell-time, water quality, temperature, and impingement.