Who We Represent

Providing you with the best euipment and deals, here is a list of manufacturers we work with:

  • MacNeil Wash Systems
  • American Changer
  • Fragra™Matics Vacuums
  • Hamilton Manufacturing
  • Innovative Control Systems
  • PurClean
  • PurWater
  • TSS
  • Unitec Electronics
  • Turtle Wax
  • CSI-Lustra
  • Autec
  • CustomKraft

Recent Developments:

  • We are the Exclusive Distributor for Frgramatics
  • We are now an Autec Distributors

Premier products, expert installation = GREAT WASH!

We know what you're thinking, premier car wash equipment means a big price tag. That simply is not the case with Anything Car Wash. We have price points for every budget. We'll work with you to stretch your equipment dollars to get you a system that will drive your business. Call us to find out about our latest promotions or how we can customize an equipment package for your car wash site.


Search below for the type of car wash equipment you're interested in and click on the product to learn more about it.

Tunnel Car Wash Systems
+ MacNeil Wash Systems (All Electric)  
Friction & Hybrid Automatic Car Washes
Touch-Free Automatic Car Washes  
Self-Serve Car Wash Systems
+ Belanger Automatics
+ CustomKraft
+ iWash Intelligent Washing Systems
Autocashiers, Bill Changers, Credit Card Controllers, and Gates
+ American Changer
+ Hamilton Manufacturing (Gold Line and HTK series)
+ Innovative Control Systems (Auto Sentry)
+ Intelio (ActiVA)
+ Unitec Electronics
Spot-free Car Wash Rinse Systems
+ PurClean
Water Reclamation Car Wash Systems
+ PurWater
Car Wash Support Equipment
+ Air Compressors
+ Chemical Delivery and Applicator Systems
+ Dryer Systems
+ Digital Camera Surveillance Systems
+ Fleet Washes
+ High Pressure Pump Stations
+ Modular Buildings
+ Motor Control Panels
+ Signage
+ Tire Gel Applicators
+ Vacuums (Stand Alone and Central Units)
Car Wash Chemicals
+ Turtle Wax (Hyper-Concentrates)
+ CSI - Lustra

and much more...

And don't forget that we offer all-inclusive preventative maintenance, service and chemical programs to our clients. We'll even cater a program specific to your car wash. Tell us what you need and we'll create a plan just for you.