Anything Car Wash

what we provide

At Anything Car Wash, we take great pride in providing all your car wash needs. We don't stop once the site is built and installed.

Unlike any other distributor, we offer in-house CAD drawings as well as in-house marketing. We can offer customized layout plans, signage amd marketing strategies to build customer and brand loyalty for your car wash site.

Touch-Free Automatic Car Washes 

Imagine sparkling clean cars without the friction.


With touch-free car washes, your customers can have all the clean without the friction. Touch-free car wash bays have an open and inviting look that appeals to customers and reduces the number of parts that can break or wear out.

In touch-free wash bays, car are washed with low pressure detergent and high pressure nozzles instead of actual machine equipment which gives your customer a frictionless wash with the same cleaning ability. Plus you don’t have to worry about vehicle damage as much as with a friction machine.

Once the customer enters the touch-free bay, the vehicle is sprayed with hot water that contains a pre-soak solution which penetrates and lifts the dirt and road film from the vehicles surface. The dirt is then removed with a high pressure water spray and the vehicle is rinsed with spot-free water and dried. All of this occurring without brushes or other materials touching the car.

Anything Car Wash utilizes the following equipment in our touch-free car wash bays:

+ Mark VII GT Series