Anything Car Wash

what we provide

At Anything Car Wash, we take great pride in providing all your car wash needs. We don't stop once the site is built and installed.

Unlike any other distributor, we offer in-house CAD drawings as well as in-house marketing. We can offer customized layout plans, signage amd marketing strategies to build customer and brand loyalty for your car wash site.

Friction and Hybrid Automatic Car Washes  

Automatic car wash bays with friction or hybrid automatic equipment models feature equipment that "rolls-over" the vehicle. The primary service offered at these sites is an automatic exterior wash with throughput capacity typically ranging from 10 to 15 cars per hour. Quick and convenient, these models are the perfect solution if you want to minimize space while maximizing profit. Building an automated car wash does not require you to attain a large piece of real estate and these buildings are easier and cheaper to construct.

Friction car wash models use a variety of wash materials (cloth, closed-cell, foam, or a combination) to clean a vehicle. The wash material's contact with the vehicle surface agitates and loosens the soils and contaminants wtih a final rinse completing the cleaning process. Anything Car Wash uses only the finest friction automatic car wash equipment, the Mark VII SoftWash.

The hybrid automatic machine uses a combination of both the touch-free automatic (rollover) car wash and the friction automatic (rollover) car wash cleaning processes. Generally speaking, the friction portion is most effective on the large surface areas of a vehicle while the touch-free portion of the wash process enhances rinsing and the cleaning of the smaller, harder to reach areas of the car.

Anything Car Wash features the following friction and hybrid car wash equipment:

+ Mark VII Softwash Series (SoftWash, CombiWash, and ChoiceWash)
+ Motor City Wash Works Reflex Hybrid Wash (Cotton Soft Wash Material)