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At Anything Car Wash, we take great pride in providing all your car wash needs. We don't stop once the site is built and installed.

Unlike any other distributor, we offer in-house CAD drawings as well as in-house marketing. We can offer customized layout plans, signage amd marketing strategies to build customer and brand loyalty for your car wash site.


Motor City Wash Works Reflex Hybrid Wash 

Guaranteed to satisfy your customers' friction or touch-free wash needs.


The Reflex Soft Wash is a combination friction rollover and high pressure in-bay automatic. Whether your customer is looking for a touch-free wash, a friction wash or a combination of both, you are guaranteed to satisfy their vehicle wash needs with the Reflex™ Soft Wash. With the ability to create unique wash packages from seasonal wash packages to daily specials with the use of the User Interface, the Reflex™ Soft Wash is pleasantly flexible.

+ Triple Foam
The Reflex™ on board triple foam system utilizes the exclusive programmable digital chemical pumps. Add profits and generate thick, rich tri-color foam that covers the entire vehicle.

+ High Pressure
Maximize the cleaning potential of the Reflex™ with over 1,000 PSI of high pressure water. This feature maps the profile of each vehicle with two dedicated side manifolds and dual profiling top manifolds (front and rear) to insure maximum cleaning.

+ Wheel Brush
The machine locates each wheel through redundant photo electronic sensors and a software logic positioning system that ensures the proper alignment of the brush and the wheel. The wheel brush applies chemical as it counter rotates during the wash process to ensure clean wheels.

+ Programmable Interface
Optimize each wash package to meet your market specific needs with the power of the Reflex™ Programmable Interface. The interface supplies the capability to customize and manipulate pre-programmed wash packages.

+ On-Board Contouring Dryer
The Reflex™ dryer maintains an incredibly low noise level, below 70 DBA from 30 feet. The vertical contouring top nozzle stays within 6 inches of the horizontal surface of the vehicle, which results in a quiet, high quality dry.

+ Wash Material
The Reflex's signature. Eliminate customer anxiety with Motor City Wash Works unique Cotton Soft™ wash material. Tested and proven safe even for today's most sensitive automotive paints. The unique Cotton Soft™ wash material results in the quietest operation of any machine in its class and provides the customer a superior wash experience.

+ Smart Sense™ Electronic Technology
The on board Smart Sense™ Electronics system is the secret to controlling the quietest and gentlest machine on the market.

+ Digital Chemical Injection Pump
Wash Works’ exclusive programmable digital chemical pump is the most accurate pump offered by any manufacturer in North America. It is capable of dispensing chemicals of different viscosities in volume increments of one tenth of a milliliter per minute. A simple push of a button allows for digital adjustment and display of all the functions of the pump.

+ CED Board
Automatic diagnostic system that displays the machines faults due to customer error and sensor failure. The CED Board will also assist you with diagnostic troubleshooting when a fault occurs or simply reviewing the history of faults.

+ Open Bay Concept
Open bay is the next generation of customer-friendly machine technology. It incorporates several concepts into one machine. State of the art treadle-less tire positioning system, On-board utilities and chemicals (nothing hanging on bay walls or sitting on the floor). The Reflex™ also includes exclusive entry/exit machine positioning logic that allows the customer to enter into an open bay and exit from an open bay by positioning the machine on the opposite end of the bay of the vehicle travel pre and post washing. Collectively, the open bay features create customer comfort that makes your Reflex their carwash of choice.

Whether your customers choose a friction wash option or a combination of touch free and friction, they will be amazed at the quality of the wash received along with the incredible performance. Imagine how easily Anything Car Wash and Motor City Wash Works’ Reflex™ can enhance your car washing potential with the ability to produce sparkling clean vehicles every time.