Anything Car Wash

what we provide

At Anything Car Wash, we take great pride in providing all your car wash needs. We don't stop once the site is built and installed.

Unlike any other distributor, we offer in-house CAD drawings as well as in-house marketing. We can offer customized layout plans, signage amd marketing strategies to build customer and brand loyalty for your car wash site.

Intelio (ActiVA) 

Intelligent operations for car washes.

Intelio is the leading developer of remote management systems and activation units for car washes. Gaining operational control of your car wash business is only part of the solution. You also need to control that critical point where your business interacts with the customer - at the activation unit. The most powerful activation unit for car wash operators on the market today, ActiVA provides you with a sophisticated activation unit that can perform the duties of a 24 hour a day virtual attendant including:

+ Greeting every customer with a warm smile
+ Explaining the wash if needed
+ Answering the questions
+ Making customers feel comfortable and safe with the car wash process
+ Recommending additional a la carte up sell services
+ Noting when to pull into the bay
+ Proactively managing your loyalty/fleet/community fund raising programs with your customers
+ Inquiring if the car has any special trailer hitches or bug deflectors

Intelio does all this in virtually the same amount of time it takes the same customer to figure out which buttons to press on an older style activation unit.