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MacNeil tunnels are built for your bottom line. MacNeil develops high quality car wash euipment that forms the customer opinions you need to be successful. Experience the MacNeil difference.

Anything Car Wash

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At Anything Car Wash, we take great pride in providing all your car wash needs. We don't stop once the site is built and installed.

Unlike any other distributor, we offer in-house CAD drawings as well as in-house marketing. We can offer customized layout plans, signage amd marketing strategies to build customer and brand loyalty for your car wash site.


MacNeil Tunnel Car Wash Systems 

It’s all about performance, production and profit.


MacNeil car wash systems manufactures the highest quality car wash equipment for the tunnel car wash industry and for the automative dealer, fleet and rental markets. Their products are engineered to provide superior cleaning performance, reduced maintenance, increased production, maximum cost savings, and equipment longevity. Whether you’re in the market for a mini-tunnel, 150-foot full service, or individual wash components, MacNeil’s products are fully customizable to meet the needs of your site and to maximize the return on your investment. Read on to discover some of the features found in the Full Tunnel, Mini-Tunnel, and Fleet Wash Segments.


MacNeil Car Wash equipment is designed to provide operators complete customization and flexibility in the layout of their tunnel equipment.


+ RG-440 Conveyor
+ RC-120 Correlator


+ RS-1000 Evolution Top Brush
+ RS-701 SuperFlex Wrap-Around
+ RS-301 High Side Washer
+ RS-400 Rocker Panel Side Washer
+ RS-500 Sonic Wheel Washer

High Pressure

+ Helix Cross Cleaning System
+ Eliminator Full Force Wheel Cleaner
+ NEW Magnum High Pressure Series


+ Arches and manifolds Wheel Cleaning
+ RS-500 Sonic Wheel Washer
+ Eliminator Full Force Wheel Cleaner
+ Magnum Wheel Blasters Dryers
+ Tech 21 Drying System Wash Control
+ MTC Controller


MacNeil tunnels deliver customer satisfaction with their superior wash quality by use of soft and gentle envirosoft foam as the cleaning material on key wash components. Customers can rest assured that they are receiving an environmentally sensitive wash without sacrificing wash quality. MacNeil’s tunnel wash systems use significantly less water and chemicals than touchless car wash systems. Not only are you getting a superior car wash but you are reducing the impact on the environment. Wash quality is also important in maximizing revenues per wash through selling upgraded wash packages to your customers. If your basic wash package does not perform and clean your customers vehicles thoroughly, they are less likely to take advantage of the profitable upgraded packages you offer. In recent studies, operators sell 50% more upgraded wash packages based on value added selections like triple foam conditioners, wheel cleaners, sealer wax, and rust inhibitor applications. MacNeil Wash Systems engineer their efforts toward building components that provide car wash operators with the best possible results at the highest of conveyor speeds coupled with the innovative services Anything Car Wash provides, you’ve got a sure-fire profitable car wash business.


Production is all about processing volume while maintaining customer satisfaction and convenience. Customers benefit greatly from the increased throughput capability through the convenience of reduced waiting times during the peak wash periods. This convenience is also a factor in the customer’s willingness to purchase an upgraded wash package, therefore increasing your revenues and profits for vehicles washed. Production in the car wash business is geared toward processing the customer quickly and turning out a quality wash in the shortest period possible. The speed of MacNeil Tunnel Systems allows us to increase your wash production and maximize your profits.


MacNeil Tunnel Systems are designed and engineered for maximum profitability for the operator. Designed for minimum maintenance and longevity of performance, MacNeil Systems deliver on reliability and uptime. MacNeil Tunnel Systems are built for your bottom line because they combine the production capability with superior wash quality thus maximizing your up sell opportunities which maximizes your profits.

MacNeil and Anything Car Wash give customers the best of both worlds; greater wash throughput on busy days or times, high quality cleaning that increases customer satisfaction, minimal equipment related downtime, aftermarket services, customized equipment packages, a higher percentage of up sells with fewer rewashes and a safe, gentle wash that makes your customer’s vehicles look great without customer complaints.