Anything Car Wash

what we provide

At Anything Car Wash, we take great pride in providing all your car wash needs. We don't stop once the site is built and installed.

Unlike any other distributor, we offer in-house CAD drawings as well as in-house marketing. We can offer customized layout plans, signage amd marketing strategies to build customer and brand loyalty for your car wash site.


Unitec Electronics 

Superior products with convenient solutions that increase
customer loyalty. 


Unitec Electronics designs and manufactures carwash entry systems, accounting systems and bill changers for all segments of the carwash market. Their superior products allow carwash owners to offer their customers convenient solutions; increasing customer loyalty and keeping them coming back time after time. Unitec and Anything Car Wash strive to make it easy for customers to grow and profit from their business.

Unitec’s line of premium, customizable entry systems include:

+ WashPay™ Credit Card Payment and Site Management System.
The WashPay Card Terminal allows a site to accept major credit cards in the self-serve bays via your choice of dial-up or internet-based processing. Credit card acceptance increases the customer base and maximizes the site’s profits. Pre-paid cards allow you to offer gift card, fundraiser and loyalty programs and collect money upfront. The remote management capability allows you to maximize uptime by monitoring the self-serve bays through a web-based application that can be accessed onsite or remotely.

+ WashChange™ Bill Changer in single and dual styles.
WashChange is easy to service and user friendly and offered in dual or single styles. This unit was designed with you in mind. A stainless steel unit features a wrap-around anti-pry door with Medco locks for added security.

+ Wash Select II™ Premium Entrance System for thru Self-Serve Automatic Carwash Market.
Its patented, ergonomically-designed angled front, enhanced daylight-readable LCD displays and simple instructions guide first-time customers through the wash process while encouraging the purchase of upgrades. It can accept quarters, bills, credit cards (via modem or internet connection), tokens, coupon and fleet codes, VIP Wash Pass and VIP Wash Coupons. Wash Select II is the only choice as a reliable self-serve automatic car wash owner.

+ Portal TI® Intelligent, Automated Customer Service System.
With its sophisticated design, versatile marketing opportunities, expanded reporting and the most complete menu of payment options in the industry, the Portal TI is truly revolutionary technology. The Portal TI offers a variety of seamless payment solutions that can be scaled to meet your business needs and best of all, this fully featured, high-tech system is compatible with rollover, tunnel and combo washes.