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Water Recovery (Reclamation) Systems

Water recovery systems or water reclamation systems for vehicle washes provide water that is purified to enable reclaimed water to be used in a positive displacement pump. This type of reclamation system provides for continuous flow of water through the vehicle wash setting pit with an aerator to oxygenate the water and prevent odors typically produced by stagnant water for wash system settling pits. Water recovery systems keep you environmentally compliant when washing cars.

Pur-Water Recovery Systems

PurWater – the perfect combination of function and form incorporating the versatility of variable frequency drive technology. PurWater eliminates the need and on-going expense of antiquated bag of disposable filters while providing you with a consistent production of optimum engineered certified 5 micron product water. The PurWater Recovery System also eliminates the odor typically associated with reclaimed water. Innovative technology that is good for your bottom line and the environment.