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Spot-Free (Reverse Osmosis) Rinse Systems

Spot-free (reverse osmosis) Rinse Systems, such as New Wave Industries PurClean Rinse System, enhance the quality of the wash you provide as well as your customer’s wash experience when visiting your car wash location. Spot-free rinse systems rinse away all residual chemical and city or mineral laden water (including reclaim water) and allow the entire vehicle including all glass, chrome and painted areas to dry perfectly spot-free. These systems purify soft, chlorine-free water through reverse osmosis to produce a pure final rinse that leaves no streaks or spots as the vehicle dries.

Pur-Clean Spot-Free Rinse Systems

PurClean – the professional choice for delivering spot-free car washes every time. Utilizing the process of reverse osmosis to eliminate the mineral content in the water, PurClean is manufactured with only the finest quality components and the unique pre-treatment system. The PurClean Spot-Free Rinse System addresses water hardness, operates efficiently and cost-effectively while eliminating the need and upfront cost of a water softener. PurClean can be fitted to your specific wash needs.