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Car Wash Support Equipment

Air Compressors

Air compressors come in a number of shapes and sizes. Air is used to control movement and actuate components in a variety of systems. It is also used in the foaming of chemicals for all types of wash equipment.

Bill Changers

Bill Changers are used principally in the self-serve car wash segment. Their purpose is to change customer's bills (up to $20.00) and dispenses quarters or tokens as determined by the site owner. Bill Changers come in single and dual models as well as "Credit Card to Token" dispensers.


Car wash vending machines or islands create a tremendous profit center for your car wash in just a small amount of space. With a variety of car care products available, car wash vending machines are the perfect profit center for small spaces. Car wash vending machines can house cleaning materials to get your car spotless, car fresheners, or food and beverages. Vending machines allow you to widen your bottom line while maximizing small space at your site. There are even vending machines that accept debit and credit cards making impulse buying even more convenient for your customers.

Water Softeners

Wash and rinse your car with hard water and you will see spots all over the surface if it isn’t dried thoroughly but with a water softener you don’t need to worry about the cars going through your site leaving with water spots. Water softeners remove calcium, magnesium and iron with a blend of premium resins that produce soft water which results in improved vehicle washing by limiting spotting and hard water film build up.