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Car Wash Chemicals

From presoak to clear coat sealants and protectants, there is an array of car wash chemicals at your disposal to give your customers a clean shine that makes them loyal to your car wash site. Car wash presoak chemicals are designed for use in friction and frictionless cleaning systems and are particularly effective at cleaning glass, chrome, wheels, and softening bugs. Soap and polish chemicals such as concentrated tri-foam clear coat polish are great for tunnels, automatics, and self-serve and are also visually appealing to customers. Color and scent can be added based on customer needs. Car wash clear coat sealants and protectants are ideal for upper end packages in tunnels, automatics and self-serve car washes. Color and scent can also be added to these per customer needs.


Cleaning Systems Inc. (CSI) formulates, manufactures and markets cleaning and protection products for the transportation industry. CSI focuses solely on cleaning and protection products and is broken down into two divisions to further focus resources in order to achieve mission of being the world leader in cleaning and protection of transportation vehicles. The Lustra division specializes in the car wash industry and Car Wash Solutions takes advantage of their specialized knowledge in addressing the unique requirements involved with the cleaning and protection of automobiles. Lustra’s approach includes high quality products, technical innovation, outstanding service and an extensive marketing program. With over 30 years of proven performance in vehicle care, Lustra car care products provide exceptional cleaning performance while giving the car wash user the ultimate car wash sensory experience with rich scents and vivid colors.

Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax is the number one car care brand in the world and is a trusted, reliable resource in the car wash industry. Delivering total surface protection, Turtle Wax is a premium body protectant designed for use in touch-free and friction in-bay automatics, tunnel washes and self-serve systems. Combined with a synthetic polymer technology with siliconized carnauba wax, Turtle Wax provides a protected, shiny, dry car. The multi-surface protection of Turtle Wax seals the four primary vehicle surface areas – clear coat paint, chrome, windshield glass and plastic/vinyl trim. Turtle Wax is the new standard in shine.