Goldenrod Sunoco Car Wash in Orlando, Florida


As a distributor for car wash equipment, Anything Car Wash strives to better meet the needs of our customers. As a means to fulfilling this goal, Anything Car Wash operates an automatic car wash bay located at the Goldenrod Sunoco in Orlando, Florida. Fitted with a Mark VII Combiwash with on-board dryer, Unitec Wash Select II with POS, PurClean Spot Free System, PurWater Reclaim System, and Turtle Wax Chemicals, Anything Car Wash continues to explore the best practices for our clients. In addition to full installation, service and support, Anything Car Wash has created a customized signage package to promote the car wash.

For more information on Goldenrod Sunoco Car Wash or the equipment used at this location, contact Anything Car Wash.