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Multiple Systems Available (Surveillance)

Earn the confidence of your customers with complete video surveillance systems like DigiCapture at affordable prices. With the latest technology in video surveillance, you can watch your business live from anywhere with a phone line or internet access and a PC. Your car wash surveillance video will be digitally recorded on a hard drive, providing many times the quality of a time lapse VCR. Packages from DigiCapture include: Dell PC server with 17” monitor and keyboard, color weather proof cameras, 100’+ of video/power cable per camera, central power supply, all connectors for video and power, software for remote site, surge protector, and installation and operation manual. Car Wash Solutions recommends only professional grade security cameras that keep you and your customers safe. You can view up to 16 cameras at one time or view as one in full screen. You easily search for recorded video, just pick the date, times, and cameras you want to payback. Advances in digital technology have made video surveillance more flexible and easy with IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are easy to install and maintain and are infinitely customizable, allowing Car Wash Solutions to create a security system that conforms to your car wash surveillance needs.