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Since 1978, Fragra*Matics has manufactured innovative, quality built car care products offering a complete line of products designed to maximize impulse income and generate profits for your car wash site. Fragra*Matics is the leader for self-service car care equipment and supplies. Fragra*Matics gives your customers a choice that boosts your income. With Fragra*Matics line of income generating products for the car wash industry which include the ever popular pedestal mount dispensers, a full-service dispenser, combination vacuums, vacuum islands, and their latest island package that even includes air service. In addition, Fragra*Matics also produces liquid products such as specially formulated shampoos, spot removers, fragrances, and carpet protectant. They introduced ‘dri foaming’ products and were the first in the car wash business to offer a polymer-based carpet protectant to self-service car wash customers.

FV-3 (D1)



SAV (D1)

SAV-F (D1)

SAV-S (D1)


108" Double Island

82" Island

72" Island

62" Island