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Unitec Electronics

Unitec Electronics, the leading provider of advanced technological solutions to the car wash industry, designs and manufactures car wash entry systems, accounting systems and bill changers for all segments of the car wash market. Their successful growth can largely be attributed to their understanding of the importance of customer interface. Unitec Electronics’ superior products allow car wash owners to offer their customers convenient solutions which increases customer loyalty, keeping customers returning time after time to your car wash. Unitec strives to make it easy for car wash operators to grow and profit from their business. With customizable entry systems including Wash Select II, Wash Select II POS, Wash Select II with Speedpass, and Portal TI, Unitec has the finest reputation in the industry for quality, price, and after-sales service. As a Unitec partner you are guaranteed the most return for your investment. As a customer driven company, many of Unitec’s products and their unique features were developed as a direct response to customer requests. Unitec’s products combine state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly operation, and dependable, rugged construction.

Wash Select II Autocashier

Wash Select II POS Autocashier

Portal T1

Portal Gate